Asking GPT-3: "What is Polywrap?"


## Introduction
I recently got access to Lex, a writing tool powered by GPT-3, a machine learning writing model. After giving it some context, I asked it a few prompts about Polywrap. Its responses were mostly spot on and highly descriptive! Here are some examples: **Note:** these responses were 100% written by Lex and have been unedited. There may be minor errors!
--- ## GPT-3 describing Polywrap
**So why the name Polywrap?** Polywrap’s name is inspired by the concept of a “polyglot” programmer. A polyglot programmer is a developer who is proficient in multiple programming languages. The term “polyglot” comes from the Greek word for “many tongues.” Similarly, Polywrap is a technology that enables developers to “wrap” their business logic in a single language but “unwrap” and use it in any programming environment.
**What are the advantages of using Polywrap over traditional SDKs?** Polywrap allows you to build your business logic once in a single language, but use it in any programming environment, on any deployment platform. Polywrap is more efficient than traditional SDKs because it uses WebAssembly (Wasm) modules instead of language-specific bytecode. Wasm modules are portable and can run on any platform that has a Wasm runtime environment. Polywrap is more secure than traditional SDKs because wrappers are isolated from the host environment by default. This isolation prevents memory leaks and other potential security vulnerabilities.
**What is the Polywrap development experience like?** The Polywrap development experience is similar to other SDK development experiences. You write your business logic in your chosen language and compile it to Wasm. Then, you package your Wasm module into a wrapper using the Polywrap CLI. Wrappers can be deployed to any decentralized storage platform, such as IPFS. Finally, your dApp can fetch and use your wrapper at run-time by installing the Polywrap client library.
--- ## Your turn!
Do you have access to an AI writing tool like Lex? We'd love to see how it describes Polywrap. Try giving it context on our technology from our website ( or our docs (, and ask it some questions. Post its responses below!

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